How We Gained Over 500 Search Impressions In 3 Months


Gospel Chapel Church of Evanston is a non-denominational church located in the in Evanston, IL. This church as been standing strong for more than 20 plus years and continues to provide services to the community.

Initial Thoughts

This 3-month project was a simple focus on how we can start to establish an online presence for the church. Before I took over the project, there weren’t any listings or profiles set up for the business. 

If someone wanted to go to church or find the church, they wouldn’t show up in searches. This limits the capability of new people attending the church over time. 

The goals I laid out for this project were

i. Create Search Engine Profiles to establish and increase visibility in the local area of Evanston, IL


Search Engine Profiles – Google is the most used search engine to date and was the primary focus of the project. I wanted to build impressions that were attributed to map searches, direction requests, calls, and profile views.

This also meant that accurate information needed to be reflected on the business for Google to quickly verify and list the company. The information that I gathered before I started the profile was: 

               i.      External photos of the business

              ii.      Internal photos of the business

             iii.      Logos and business signage

              iv.      Business hours and company description

               v.      Accurate phone number

              vi.      Website Information

With this information beforehand, we were able to verify the business within a week and established a search presence within the same month!

Bing was the second choice I created for this customer. The purpose was to have a consistent NAP (Name address phone number)

The Results

a.       581 search impressions (39% from maps 61% search)

b.       Jul – Sept 190 total business interactions (calls, ask for directions, messages)


Building a Google business profile to establish a local presence is a big step in the right direction. We were able to verify, list, and establish relevant searches within the same month with minimal effort. This is a foundational piece in establishing a presence for long term results.