Building 300 Search Engine Clicks In A 6 Month Period


Wooten Photography is a wedding photography company in the Atlanta area led by lead photographer, Joann Wooten. They have been in business since 2018 and provides wedding, engagement, maternity, and family photos.

The goals for this project primarily revolved around decreasing the gap between her and her competition.  

Initial Thoughts

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When looking to stand out in a very competitive market I approached this project wanting to secure more reviews for Wooten Photography. I also looked at her backlink profile and who was referring her domain. Initially these numbers were low compared to her competitors ranking for keywords such as “Wedding Photographer in Atlanta”.

I aimed to slowly increase rankings by adding content to the page, working off page and on page SEO for the site, as well as targeting relevant backlinks that could be used.

We also looked for business partnerships with vendors in the local area. Gaining backlinks from these partners could provide useful when potential customers are browsing vendors for wedding services.

Project Goals

Here are the Goals I laid out for this project:

1. Increase referring domains, backlinks, 20% quarterly

2. Improve search engine results (impressions, and clicks) that lead to wedding inquiries

Approach and Strategy

a.  Keyword research – I used Ahrefs, to develop a list of popular topics current wedding prospects were asking. We were able to identify a few keywords such as “Top places in Atlanta for Engagement photos” and I created content around those keywords

b.  On page SEO – A huge factor for search with photography is “Alt Text”. When someone searching for photography examples goes online and types in keywords, I wanted her photos to show up. 

Before I took over the project, Wooten Photography did not have any search impressions from images. I revised each image on the site to reflect an accurate Alt Text that described the image, location, and occasion of the photo.

c.  Backlinks and Local Listings – This approach worked great for the local area. My approach with this was to look for local listings and optimize the Google Business Profile with SEO text. I also listed her business across 40 additional review site listings in efforts to show credibility and consistency to Google. 

I developed a list of vendors and helped Wooten Photography secure relevant partnerships with wedding venues in Atlanta. These partners also provided relevant backlinks pointing toward the website.

The Results

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a.  Increase Search Engine Impressions by 1193% Total 5.82K Previous 450 August 21-Feb 22 vs feb22 – Aug 22

b.  Increased Search Engine Clicks by 264% Total 295 Previous 81 August 21-Feb 22 vs Feb 22 – Aug 22

c.  Increased New User Acquisition 429% Total 1.3K Users Previous August 21-Feb 22 vs feb22 – Aug 22


A technically sound website with the proper tags, alt text, and structure can certainly make a difference. We were able to increase search engine activity in just over 6 months by making a few changes to the site, implementing local listings, as well as build a quality backlink profile.

This along with a consistent social media marketing has led to booked appointments, conversions, and quality reviews generated for Wooten Photography this year. The business itself now ranks for search terms in Gwinnet County and the Atlanta area.