488% New Users and 35 New Yelp Leads For Local Photographer


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Kelly photography Atlanta is a startup photography company located in Gwinnett county of Georgia. Led by photographer, Paul Kelly, they provide plenty of photography services such as wedding, events, engagements, and more.

Because this company just started up, they were looking to not only establish an online presence, but to increase website traffic as well.

Initial Thoughts

Projects that are related to start ups are a little more difficult to work with because we have to work on launching the project and going through the “sandbox” or learning period to be found. Results are normally not high within the first 6 months of projects related to this, especially because we focused on Local SEO only.

We still were able to establish an online presence and tremendously increase traffic compared to the previous reporting period

Project Goals

The goals that I laid out for this project were to

 i.  Increase site reviews by 5 per month using quarterly review campaigns

  ii. Increase organic traffic by 10% using off page optimization and creating new content

 iii. Rank 3 keywords for Google and Bing on top 20

The KPI (Key performance Indicators) that were measured during this time were:

  i.  New users from organic search traffic measured with Google Analytics

 ii.  New Google business profile reviews submitted measured with the performance tab in search


a.  Local Listings Citation: Because this was a new business, we needed to create business citations to establish an online presence and reputation for Google Searches. I started with listing the Name, address, and phone number of this business on 40 new review sites. 

Yelp was a listing that was created to help strengthen the profile. The customer chose to create ads in efforts to generate leads locally. 

b.  Search Engine configuration: This company did not have any profiles set up when I took over. We established Google and Bing as the primary search engines and listed the business service areas to ensure they would show up in local areas of Atlanta

c.  Content creation : We needed to create new content on the website to start ranking for relevant keywords. We also wanted the articles to point towards product pages and landing pages for conversions.

d.   Guest posts : Having relevant website refer a backlink strengthens the overall domain authority. Because this was new profile, I partnered with other websites to use the URL for Kelly Photography Atlanta as a referral link.

e.    Review campaign : After the Google profile was created, we were able to use the review link to solicit reviews from former and new customers.

The Results

Kelly Photography Google Business Profile
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a.  Over 25 new reviews on the business profile. We met our expectations with 5 per month

b.  337% Search impressions increase over 6 month period measured with Search Console

c.  488% New users increase over 6-month period measured with Google Analytics (248 new users in total)

d.  35 new leads submitted through Yelp


 Slow growth is still growth in the right direction. With just establishing a business foundation, we were able to significantly increases the amount of traffic, users, and leads this business has obtained over 6 months.

They currently rank in the top 10 map pack for “Photographer in Snellville”